I did my first carpentry project when I was just around 7 years old in 1980. From that time on much of the experience that I now have has come from tech schools, wood shop, drafting, and metal shop; as well as on the the job training and different Journeyman programs. The tech school experience gave me knowledge in everything from plumbing to HVAC to electrical wiring. I also have training and experience on residential furnace installations. In the late 1980’s I worked for Beers Framing Company which framed a large number of homes in the surrounding Pocono areas.

After graduating from Pleasant Valley High in 1992, I went into apprenticeship working in New City, NY as a building mechanic on a 4 story commercial building. The experience that I gained here for the next 5 years covered everything from tiling, dry-walling, paper hanging, electrical service, plumbing, commercial framing, cement board wall, and the ability to work alongside an architect on newly designed installations etc. During this time I also went to Lincoln Tech for HVAC and Orange County Boces for Refrigeration.

Around 1998 I moved back to Pennsylvania working for various builders and contractors as well as working on homes for a non-profit organization called Fitzmaurice Community Services. While still working for Fitzmuarice, I went into business for myself in 2000. I have worked in the construction & remodeling trade for the last 32 years of my life and very much enjoy what I do. Residential Remodeling and Additions are what I specialize in.

You will benefit from my expertise as your home remodeler. Here is why. When I commit to your vision, I stay until the project is done. I treat every home as if it were my own. My goal in life is not to become a big corporation that everybody knows, but to build individual relationships with each customer. I am very serious about completing each project with perfection in mind. I know that every job I finish is a reflection of who I am not only as a business owner but also as a person.  With this in mind, I know that having the right team of professionals is essential to providing you with the best service money can buy. My time spent with you, the customer, is very important to me. A good relationship with you creates an atmosphere that allows us to communicate our thoughts at ease and without stress.